Utah Valley State College (UVSC) Global Aviation Degree Program

Air Center of Salt Lake has joined with Utah Valley State College's (UVSC) Global Aviation Degree Program to offer enrollment in a two or four year degree program.  UVSC offers an Associate's in Aviation Science, an Associate's in Applied Science, and a Bachelor of Science degree.  Full time students will complete all of their flight training in one year at Air Center of Salt Lake while taking your Global Aviation Degree courses on-line.  Once you have completed all flight training, you may begin working as a Professional Pilot or Flight Instructor while completing your remaining courses on-line.

UVSC's Global Aviation Degree Program is a regionally accredited program.  The courses are offered in an on-line format which allows students freedom to interact with the instructor more than would be feasible in a traditional classroom.  The on-line courses also offer live help, 24 hour E-Mail access, and a course help desk service center.

Students may qualify for Federal Financial Aid, including Federal Pell Grants and Stafford Loans.  Supplemental student loans may also be available based on financial need.  There are no finance charges for Federal financial aid, and no payments until six months after graduation or six months after withdrawing from the Global Aviation Degree Program.

You can apply for admission on-line. To apply for financial aid